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"God is converging Missions and Prayer all over the world. One of the places on earth is at the Global Prayer House Missions Base, in Medicine Hat, Canada, a ministry where prayer and missions are serving simultaneously. This missions base has established a prayer house, where many are seeking the Lord and interceding for the nations, but they are also going and sending many to the nations preaching the Gospel and touching lives.”

Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer of Kansas City
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"The first Protestant missionaries came from among the Moravians at a place called Herrnhut, Germany. The red-hot revival that brought reconciliation and unity among the Herrnhutters turned into a 24/7 prayer movement that continued over the next 100 years praying for all the nations. This House of Prayer in Medicine Hat, I believe will become fuel to the fire of God’s cleansing and empowering of a new missionary zeal to go into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 

Loren Cunningham
Founder Youth with a Mission

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"When the word of the Lord was rare in the land, God raised up Samuel the prophet to shatter the silence. By the end of his life there were schools of prophets everywhere. Like Samuel, my friends at the Global Prayer House are shattering the silence of a generation through prayer and missions and they are forerunning a movement that will give way to many other ministries like theirs in the coming days."

Rick Pino
Fire Rain Ministries
Fire on the Altar Non-Stop Worship Gatherings
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"The team are doing a groundbreaking work at the Global Prayer House. Their backgrounds of missions and evangelism adds a depth and fire for souls that is a powerful combination."  

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

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"There are hearts searching for an abandonment from performance and a refusal to fake anything – and we believe they can find purity of expression in the Prayer House, a place designed to host believers who long to touch the heart of God.  As God has chosen to make us His dwelling place – the inherent presence of God – the prayer room is providing a place where hearts can join together in abandoned worship and faith-filled prayer. The picture we imagine in this facility is the Bride of Christ with joined hearts and genuine unity embracing His beauty and expecting nothing less than Divine interaction.  The result is earth-shaking moments at God’s throne and history in the making. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can know what God has in store for those who love Him.”
The team at Global Prayer House have a passion and anointing to represent God as undeniably real, full of unconditional love and abounding in grace.  We strongly believe God has gifted and prepared them for such a time as this – as leaders in this movement and ambassadors of God’s presence."

Bob & Audrey Meisner
Co-Hosts, My New Day Television
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“As a leader and a mother in Canada I have no greater joy than to see something like this built in the center of my nation that will impact not only Medicine Hat and Alberta and Canada but the nations of the earth. I have waited for this day, for decades, since the first word the Lord gave me and called us to pray and now it’s becoming a reality. The Global Prayer House is forerunning something for the House of Prayer for all nations in Canada that is unique to the House of Prayer. It’s such a joy for me to see something God has shown me for decades actually coming to pass. There is no greater joy to see such a thing happen.”

Stacey Campbell
Co-Founder RevivalNOW! Ministries

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"As we keep with the lineage of those who follow Jesus, prayer is central.  Jesus taught His disciples to pray and He continues to do so now.  I'm thankful for the Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat and their commitment to facilitating an environment where prayer is not just an isolated activity but a way of life."  

Jason Upton
Key of David Ministries