In the days of Moses, the Lord gave a command to His people “the fire on the altar must never go out.” (Lev. 6:12) This was speaking of the incense on the altar that would rise before the Lord, which was their worship.
Encounter Worship School equips musicians and singers to fulfill this call to fuel the fire of worship continually before the Lord. But it doesn’t stop there.
In the New Testament, Paul was speaking to his spiritual son Timothy and encouraged him to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.” (2 Tim. 1:6)  We want to help you discover your unique calling and sound in worship to add to the fire.
We invite you to join us as we encounter the heart of God through worship, community, and creativity, to see heaven and earth come together!
Encounter Worship School (EWS) is a five-monthDiscipleship Training School, a ministry of Youth With A Mission.

Lecture phase:
Three months are spent in a lecture-style phase with teaching on a variety of topics and practical hands-on training in worship. It is a time to grow in truth and understanding in your personal relationship with God while growing in musical excellence and ability.

Outreach phase:
Then we take what we’ve learned onto the mission field for two months, touching the nations through worship, preaching the Gospel, and healing the sick!
Some topics that may be covered include:
• House of Prayer
• Life of David
• Prophetic Worship
• Hearing God’s Voice
• Developing a Life of Prayer/Worship
• Worship in Missions
• Becoming Confident Sons and Daughters
• Purity and Holiness
• Singing the Word
• Spiritual Warfare
• Music Theory
• Instrumentation
• Songwriting and Creativity
• Worship Leading
• And much more!
We value the Presence of God above all else. In order to cultivate a stronger personal relationship with Him, we focus on spending extensive times in the prayer room to encounter His heart. 
The prayer room includes corporate worship, intercession, worship with the Word, and devotional style sets. We will give you tools for the prayer room to help you to facilitate and accelerate your spiritual growth.
As well, you will be able to serve in worship, while learning that prayer is essential as God’s primary method of establishing His Kingdom in the earth (Luke 18:1-7).
In the context of night-and-day prayer and worship, you will be able to grow in intimacy with Jesus and increase your skill, bringing your song before the Lord with authenticity, anointing, and excellence.
EWS holds daily classes, work duties, and small group times which students must attend for the duration of the school. We also expect all students to participate in all prayer room sessions, special events, and Sunday Expression services.
In order to complete the school and graduate from the YWAM DTS, you must complete all five months with satisfactory marks.
We invite you to set your heart to embrace five months of living a fasted lifestyle: primarily a fast of personal comfort and time, as well as an invitation to fast from food at times. This is a time to expect God to help you move past any limiting beliefs and to firmly establish you in your identity and destiny.
All foreign students are required to come with a round trip air ticket unless they can provide proof of their ability to pay for the return airfare to the immigration office at the port of entry. You must also come with proof of Emergency Medical Insurance for the duration of the training course.