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The Pursuit Internship is about calling a generation into a wholehearted pursuit of God, seeking the Lord by embracing a lifestyle of prayer and fasting that is energized by intimacy with Jesus.

In this historic hour of human history, God is raising up men and women who refuse the status quo of religion and seek to explore the depths of God.

The Pursuit Internship is a 5-month Discipleship Training School that exists to see this generation filled with the Word of God, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, fiery in intercession, and committed to the Great Commission.

For the first three months students will participate in a lecture phase where students will learn biblical principles in the midst of prayer & worship. Learning material within the prayer room through encountering the heart of God.

After the 3 months of the lecture phase of biblical, experiential teaching, we head to outreach. This is one of the most exciting parts of the Internship. We leave the classroom and touch the nations.

We know and believe that without the Presence of God in our daily lives we are short cutting God’s best for us. That is why we spend several hours a day in worship and prayer to God and praying for issues that are on His heart.



On November 1, 2008, Antonio was awakened in the middle of the night to the Lord speaking clearly, “You just conceived a boy, his name is Justice, and now is time to build the house of prayer.” Up until this point, the Baldovinos’ had been doing evangelism all over the world for 10 years. God had begun to aggressively stir a new hunger for Him. An awareness of God’s desire to build Global Prayer House and to be a part of establishing David’s tabernacle and a representation of the throne room was birthed (Rev. 4 & 5).

In Acts 15:16 it says, “After this I will return and rebuild David’s fallen tent. Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it…” God desires to raise up David’s tabernacle here on earth as a representation of the heavenly tabernacle. After much prayer, work and clear direction on February 18, 2010, Global Prayer House was officially launched.

The foundation for all that we do at the Global Prayer House Missions Base is Isaiah 56:7, “…For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” God revealed His heart about walking in intimacy with Him, knowing Him for ourselves, becoming a house of prayer individually, as well as corporately. It was a call that, when heeded, would allow for many to touch the nations out of the overflow of a heart that knew their God. It was also made clear that this would be done in the “Spirit of Joel chapter 2”. This speaks of weeping and mourning over our sin and returning to the Lord with our whole heart, as well as calling others to that. As we return to Him, we will look to our hearts and not the outward appearances. This allows for true heart transformation and awakening like nothing else can do.

Since 2008, Global Prayer House has been raising up singers and musicians to minister to the Lord. We have seen thousands touched and giving themselves wholly to God in a radical way.

The ministries of Global Prayer House include: Pursuit Conference, Worship Summit, Going for Glory Women’s Conference, Pursuit Groups, Ignite Weeks, Encounter Nights, Hosting His Presence, Sunday Expression and the Pursuit Internship, which has had the privilege of reaching Philippines, India, and Thailand and other nations through the interns.

Global Prayer House is passionate about establishing a place of God’s Presence and seeing a global awakening that includes hearts turning back to the Lord, as well as the lost saved. The awakening we are contending for is one of repentance, power, signs, wonders and people shaking off complacency and sin to become forerunners and a voice to prepare for the return of our Lord Jesus to earth.


People from all walks of life are welcome at Global Prayer House Missions Base. We aim to grow in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Rooted in the love of God and His Word, we desire to love and obey Him, to have fellowship with each other, and to minister to others in the power of the Spirit. When believers gather in one place, with one heart and one vision, something special happens—hearts are healed, hope is restored, faith grows, and relationships are forged to stand the test of time.


Around 1000 BC, King David established a tabernacle in Jerusalem and set a precedent of night and day worship before the Lord that continued at various times throughout Israel and Judah's history. Each time this order of worship was reintroduced, spiritual breakthrough, deliverance and military victory followed. Likewise, throughout the centuries, groups in Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and elsewhere across the globe have established day and night centres of prayer and worship. Following in this tradition, the Global Prayer House was established. The Lord has called us to be a community of believers committed to God, each other and to establishing a prayer house in Medicine Hat, Alberta—a solemn assembly gathering corporately to fast and pray in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.   We are committed to the Great Commission and preaching the Gospel to the world. We believe it is on God's heart that His house will be a house of prayer for all nations. The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God. We take seriously the mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.


On February 18, 2010, Global Prayer House was established. The prayer room is the foundation of all ministry and outreach at the Global Prayer House Missions Base and is designed to reflect the tabernacle of David. It is a place where prayer and worship is combined, where we come into agreement with what is on God’s heart through intercession, and come into agreement with who God is through worship. In heaven, prayer and worship are not separated from each other—Revelation 5:8 says “the 24 elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls, full of incense…” The harp speaks of worship, while the bowls speak of the intercessory prayers of the Church. We believe God is ministered to in the way He loves when prayer and worship flow together. This also unlocks our hearts to partner with Him in who He is, and what He wants to do in the earth.

We invite you to visit the prayer room in person. All are welcome to come and go freely. While in the prayer room, feel free to join in with the corporate worship and prayer, read your Bible, study a favorite commentary, write in your journal, or engage in private prayer. You may sit, stand, or pace up and down the aisles. Whatever you do, we ask that you do it in a manner that honors and serves the other people in the room.


We refer to our full-time staff at Global Prayer House as “intercessory missionaries.” All of our full-time staff at the Global Prayer House Missions Base raise their own financial support to work as full-time missionaries who reach out to others from a lifestyle of prayer and worship. For more information on staff at Global Prayer House, please visit the staff page.


We believe we are better equipped for ministry when our lives are rooted in prayer and worship and focused on intimacy with God, as we intercede for a breakthrough of the fullness of God’s power. This is why all outreach from Global Prayer House springs from the prayer room. This is seen best in our two month (twice a year) outreach through our Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training Schools where a team goes into a 2nd or 3rd world nation with the Gospel. Locally, we also do outreach in our high schools, through Pursuit Groups, the prayer room, and various training events. We believe in reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus and equipping people for ministry.




The Pursuit Internship is a full-time Discipleship Training School that exists to equip this generation in the knowledge of God and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His return. Students embrace in-depth biblical training and Sermon on the Mount lifestyles in the context of a thriving missions base fuelled by prayer. As a result, biblical training obtained in the classroom is connected to intimacy with Jesus and practical service and outreach, including missions and evangelism.


The Pursuit Internships mandate is to equip and send out believers who love Jesus and others wholeheartedly to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant churches, start houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus. The Internship stands in an environment of prayer with worship. We are establishing a community built around the centrality of the Scripture, prayer, and worship, in a context where the Word of God is continuously expressed through singing, praying, and expressions of ministry to one another.


The Scriptures are taught from a scholarly perspective with an emphasis on practical application to ministry and personal holiness.


We are committed to preparing the Church for the return of the Lord Jesus.


We are a like-minded, vibrant fellowship nurturing one another in the truths of the gospel.


Our team is committed to the ministry of the Holy Spirit through all the gifts of the Spirit.


Effective ministry training empowers us to evangelize to the lost and fulfill the Great Commission.


Enjoying intimacy with God is the foundation of all character formation and ministry.


As a community at the Global Prayer House, we are cultivating intimacy with God through adoring worship. We are also contending for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to revive the Church into God's highest expression of life in His Son, while labouring in prayer to usher in the great harvest.



The Pursuit Internship is a dynamic life-changing Discipleship Training School; a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). It is a time of getting to know God in a whole new way.


The first three months have teachings from international and GPH leaders that reveal the nature & character of God. It is a time to grow in truth and understanding in our personal relationship with God.


The last two months of the Internship is a cross-cultural experience that takes what has been learned and puts it to use through publicly testifying to the truth.


We invite you to set your heart to embrace five months of living a fasted lifestyle: primarily a fast of personal comfort and time, as well as an invitation to fast food. This is a time to expect God to deal with your perceived identity and destiny.


The Internship is an extension of the prayer room. The prayer room is a spiritual greenhouse for the development of a spiritual “root system” (secret history in God) that enables quick growth in the context of a fasted lifestyle (prayer, fasting, giving), pursuing love as defined in Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7). The prayer room times include intercession sets, worship with the Word sets & devotional style sets. We will be giving you tools for the prayer room to help you to develop a strong prayer life that facilitates and accelerates spiritual growth.


We expect all students and Internship staff to participate in all prayer room sessions as well as Encounter Nights and Sunday Expression church services. These events require mandatory attendance. We value spending long hours before the Lord to grow in intimacy and intercession. Scripture teaches that prayer is essential as God’s primary methods of establishing His kingdom in the earth (Luke 18:1-7). Intimacy and urgency fuel intercession.


Some topics that will be covered include:

• Hearing God’s Voice and Prophecy
• Spiritual Gifts
• Signs & Wonders
• Sermon on the Mount Lifestyle
• Prayer & Worship
• Evangelism & Missions
• Purity & Holiness
• Father Heart of God
• Bridal Paradigm
• Spiritual Warfare
• How to study the Word
• End Times
• Practicing His Presence
• Revival History


**In order to complete the school and graduate from the YWAM DTS, you must complete all five months, lecture phase and outreach phase, of the Internship with complete and satisfactory marks. Only then will you receive your certificate of completion from YWAM.**


IN 2018, WE SAW



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If you’re looking for a YWAM base and can't decide, do Medicine Hat! The presence of The Lord is all over the missions base! The staff have amazing hearts and only want to see you grow and fall more In love with God. It was a life changing decision for me to go. I was broke out of comfort zones and pushed to my full potential. Seeing lives changed is amazing, but seeing your own life and heart changed, there isn't anything better! I am so glad I came to Canada! God is resting there and on the staff! Make the decision to go, it will change your life!
Isaac R, USA
This school changed me completely. I was transformed from the inside out and you get to know God in a whole new way. The opportunity to take this time and grow and get to know God more is one of the best things I've done in my life. God is so much more bigger and so much more alive than I thought in the beginning when I got saved. My whole perspective on life is forever changed and you're get to learn so much good stuff. Do not hesitate, sign up now!
Madeleine P, Sweden


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