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Global Prayer House Missions Base
1156 27th ST SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1W2

Fax: (403) 527-3746

Main Office Phone: (403) 580-5981

Office Hours
Monday–Friday | 10am–5pm

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Before I took the internship, I was a total mess - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. I had just moved from the Philippines and it was a season in my life where I was just completely lost. At that time, I had lost hope in everything that I used to believe in, and dragged my life away every single day. I had felt the Lord calling me back time and time again and that was when I decided to take the school. I knew that he was the only one who could save me from my own mess. When I came to the school, I had one goal in mind - to be completely change- no matter what it takes. I gave those 5 months to learn what love was, to learn about the power of His grace and to learn to live a lifestyle of total dependency on him. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. If I were to shorten it in 2 words about it, those 2 words would be "Redemption and Direction." I am the woman I am today because of God's redeeming love - the kind of love that forgives, renews, restores strength and hope. And in those 5 months, He directed me and restored the vision for my life. He reminded me of all of my dreams and promised that he will guide my every step. The Pursuit Internship was a season of consecration that I needed. Today, I still long to pursue him, his dreams for my life and share the everlasting hope and love that He has given to me
Ingrid T, Philippines
I went to Canada to learn English and to know more of God's heart for me. Once I started learning English I got so disappointed with the Christian's lifestyle of the place I was at that I thought to myself, "Ok, I came here only to learn a new language and not to find more of God for me so that's it..." Five months later, God showed me I was wrong, In fact He was showing me all the time but I was only able to see it when He sent me to Medicine Hat, to a place called the Pursuit Internship. In our first meeting I felt the tangible presence of God so strong that for the very first time I heard His voice talking straight into my heart. So I knew it was the beginning of a great pursuit of God's heart in a foreign country. My experience in that DTS was unique. It changed my life forever. I came to know Jesus in ways I've never imagined I could. It certainly became a mark in my life, where I learned that the Father's heart of God is real and it's for me. I'm forever grateful.
Paola G, Brazil